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Hello & Welcome

As a parent of a teenager with OCD, I’ve lived through the struggle, confusion and fear. I know getting a good OCD education takes a while. I created OCDeconstruct to shortcut this process a little.


This OCD Conference is an affordable way to get a solid understanding about OCD no matter where you live in the world. The therapist-led video starts with the basics, "OCD 101," then we discuss intrusive thoughts, exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), medication, parenting and family involvement. Sprinkled in the full conference videos are interviews with some awesome organizations.


For anyone recently diagnosed, OCDeconstruct is the great starting point. For more the experienced, it provides a good reminder and new ideas.


No matter what you take away, I want you to know it's possible to beat OCD and get back control of your life. Knowing the basics, and getting a good foundation, is what helped my family. I know it'll help you and yours.


One last thing, OCD never tells the truth.


Chris Baier

Founder/Host, OCDeconstruct


chris baier creator ocd construct
The Baier Family

About the Digital OCD conference

2100 people. 65 countries. 6 continents. 1 Live Event.

The OCDeconstruct Conference started with a simple idea: Offer anyone, anywhere the chance to understand OCD better. The other goal: Make the event free.


Utilizing the power of technology, community and social media, word spread all over. In the end, our attendees ended up being not just those with OCD but parents, loved ones, kids, grandparents, students, therapists and therapists-in-training.


However, as the news spread, costs to put on the event grew considerably. Fortunately, folks like Dan Furlong, creator of MAD, stepped up to help fund a portion of the costs.


And so on April 13, 2019, OCDeconstruct, the first all-digital, global OCD Conference went live.


The recording of the event is what you can access today. The conference video includes not just the therapist sessions, but also the live Q&A that happened after each talk.


So what was once only open to those who registered, is now available for anyone to watch, anytime on any device.  


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Ready to take OCD apart?

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